Floor Sanding Services Durban

Our skilled technicians can refinish your floors to their original luster without the usual mess. The dust created from sanding never has a chance to get airborne and is automatically removed from the home. Therefore, we leave behind a clean environment in addition to beautiful floors.

Our technicians understand your needs and will treat you and your floors with personal care to restore warmth to your wood floors. Our professionalism shows in our exceptional Concierge Service.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and endeavour to reflect this in every type of job we undertake and every call-out we receive.


We make it our mission to respond to quotation requests within 24 Hours, free of charge. Charge a fair market related price for our quality services.

Provide the solution to our clients request with the promise of superior quality workmanship Supervise all work in progress, therefore eliminating error and maximizing efficiency.

Benefits Of Floor Sanding Services Durban

HEALTH - If you have allergies or asthma, Dustless Floor Sanding is sensitive to your needs and provides a safe process that will not irritate these types of health problems.

CONVENIENCE - You can avoid moving artwork, or keepsakes in and out of the room to refinish your floors, because there is zero airborne wood dust.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Choice System

The cleanest, most convenient and healthiest hardwood floor finishing system available, the Bona Environmental Choice System™ features our innovations of waterborne finishes and dust containment sanding equipment.
It is unnecessary to hang plastic or remove sensitive electronics.

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