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When it comes to having hardwood floors or tile surfaces installed, you want the most meticulous craftsman doing the work. With that, South Coast Floor Sanding is your obvious choice for any new wood project. We not only install flooring but we also offer an array of services such as Refinishing, Sanding, and more.
Genuine wooden flooring is a very romantic thought, but these days the real thing seems to be reserved for the upper echelons. If it is in your price bracket or budget, congratulations, after installing real wood flooring you will never look back. Absolutely nothing compares to a genuine wood floor.
Regardless of the real thing or spot-on imitations, South Coast Floor Sanding service providers are selected for their expertise, and upon your request, we will be sending the right contractor for your requirements. Whichever your pleasure, don’t cut corners with a fly-by-night installer, you will regret it every time you look at the finer details.

Hardwood Flooring Experts

South Coast Floor Sanding

There is something romantic about hardwood floors that cannot be described in words. If it is a solid wood floor that you want then you’ve come to the right place. Our wide variety of timber floors will satisfy any taste.

Installation of hardwood flooring with an artisan's touch – that's the difference we offer. We're artists. We're professionals. And we install beautiful hardwood floors at competitive rates.

For your new home or for a home ready for the beauty of hardwood floors give us a call

Wood floor refinishing is hard work, but it's also some of our most satisfying – for ourselves and for our clients. We delight in finding the beauty that hides under some of the old, gouged, scratched and discoloured floors. Imagine your home transformed!

Choose from all these hardwood floor designs and more:

Plank flooring
Strip hardwood flooring
Parquet wood flooring
Geometrical and custom designs in all wood choices